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Storage Containers

Utz offers a lot of storage containers to provide optimal protection for your goods during storage. A selection:

Euro container RAKO
The RAKO is a universally usable returnable container made of plastic, which thanks to its wealth of variants is widely used in the areas of storage and transport.

Plastic cases
Our plastic cases consist of the robust returnable RAKO container, a hinged lid, and one or several handles. Supplemented with skeleton inserts or foam inserts, the product may also be ideally used as a tool box or for further applications.

Nestable container NESCO
When empty, the nestable NESCO containers are nestable space-saving containers, which are stackable via special bail arms or their lid. Nested, the containers enable volume savings of up to 80%.

Plastic picking bins SILAFIX
The plastic picking bins SILAFIX enable a simple, clearly structured system during storage. It provides for a structured organisation in the small parts store of industrial plants, at small workshops, in service vehicles, or at home in the hobby room.

Foldable containers
Foldable containers enable space savings of up to 82%. Thus, on the return leg of the transport, the empty foldable containers have a clearly lower volume than upon delivery.