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The Utz paloxes made of plastic offer space for large volumes. With a storage space of up to 1150 litres, it is very easy with paloxes from Utz to accommodate even large and bulky transport goods. Walls especially designed with reinforced corner elements, pins or circumferential stacking bands guarantee a high degree of stability and security.

The ISO format 1200 x 1000 mm forms the basic dimension of the palletisable paloxes. Paloxes are available in different versions, which are optimally adapted to the various applications: closed or perforated sidewalls, with two or three runners, with four rollers or with feet.

Of course, the paloxes for heavy transport goods are also stackable: in the bottom-most paloxe of a stack, weights of up to 3-4 tons may be transported. Secure stacking of two paloxes on top of one another is likewise possible using special pins.

Heavy Duty PALOXE
PALOXE with Slip Lid