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Durable Alternatives to Styrofoam Boxes

Insulated boxes from Utz are no economical alternatives to the conventional styrofoam boxes - but they have a significant longer life. Our boxes are excellently suited to maintain the cooling chain during the transport of fresh, cooled, or frozen foods. They will help you to fulfil the strict conditions of food quality control.

RAKO Insulated Box
The RAKO insulated box consists of a plastic container with a special interior lining and a hinged lid.

The COOLBOX is made of plastic. In connection with a cooling element, cooled or deep-frozen products stay perfectly fresh for many hours.

The Freezing-box optionally has a removable or hinged lid.

POOLBOX with insulation insert
The POOLBOX, which at Swiss Post is also known as "Dispobox", is in combination with an insulation insert ideally suited for the secure shipment of goods.

The Metabox is a large-volume insulated box made of plastic.