Content - Utz Germany hosted by the AK GV in Cologne

  • 21 October 2014

Utz Germany hosted by the AK GV in Cologne

The "Arbeitskreis Gemeinschaftsverpflegung Köln e.V." (AK GV, Public Catering Task Force) met in September 2014 at the Police Canteen in Colonge-Kalk. One topic among others: Blue instead of red - new meat containers conquer the kitchen. This is where Utz came into play.

Utz Germany hosted by the AK GV in Cologne

Matthias Kerber from Utz Germany participated in this meeting as a guest and placed his topic on the table straightaway: a light-blue plastic container. This blue meat container is soon to replace the conventional red containers. Its advantage: "The colour provides the best possible protection against admixtures", says the hygiene specialist from Georg Utz GmbH in Schüttorf, the leaders in the development, production and sales of storage and transport containers. The light-blue colour guarantees that only new materials are used during production and not unauthorised, harmful substances, which may stem from recycled materials. Furthermore, the food-grade containers also feature integrated barcodes and a surface permitting the easy attachment and removal of stickers - and they are compatible with the red containers, which will probably still be in circulation for some years to come.

The "Arbeitskreis Gemeinschaftsverpflegung Köln e.V." is a network for Public Catering and offers its members and interested parties a platform for communication, further training and further development. Regular meetings take place for information exchange purposes.

Text: Press Release AK GV