Content - Cooperative storage library - no everyday logistics

  • 13 October 2014

Cooperative storage library - no everyday logistics

A new, joint external warehouse planned on new territory is less expensive for several libraries than for individual ones. The consolidation of stocks creates space in partner libraries. The innovative technology and the plastic containers from Utz enable a conservatively secure, fire-protected storage of books with mostly automated storage/delivery of books.

Cooperative storage library - no everyday logistics

The clients chose an automated container warehouse with shelf-retrieval system and double deep storage as their storage system. A stock company is providing the financial requirements of around 29 million Swiss Francs for the construction through loans from associated cantons and private investors.

Contact associated with this project has already existed between Utz Switzerland and the Canton Lucerne since 2005. Within the scope of the public tender according to WTO by the Canton Lucerne, Georg Utz AG was also requested to submit an offer. Following the publication of the decision, which was based on various criteria, a competitor of Utz was awarded the contract. However, Utz appealed the decision after a review of the assessment documents. A formular error in the assessment was indeed the cause for selecting the wrong company as the winner. The procedure was annulled and reassessed.

During the second, correct evaluation, Utz was therefore awarded the contact over 110,000 EUROTEC containers to the amount of 1.25 million Swiss Francs for the first phase. The storage of the containers will follow in 2015. The boxes must consist of vapour-free plastics and designed for a weight of 60 kg per container for long-term storage. The containers are identified via barcode.