Content - The new Utz catalogue - simply a must for logisticians

  • 04 September 2014

The new Utz catalogue - simply a must for logisticians

Logisticians, freight forwarders, packagers and purchasers will be happy to note: The newly designed 2014/15 Utz catalogue offers a holistic overview of plastic reusable storage, conveyance and order-picking products. In total, the informative catalogue contains approximately 1500 articles from the plastics technology segment.

The new Utz catalogue - simply a must for logisticians

Apart from its extensive standard assortment such as RAKO or EUROTEC, the Utz catalogue also displays space-saving containers, pallets as well as rigid or collapsible pallet boxes. Many container programmes now include new boxes, lids and other accessory articles.

A large number of sector-related special containers are also part of the range. These include products for the food and hospitality/catering sector, postal containers, electrically conductive products ESD and containers for hazardous goods GGVSEB. Customer-specific solutions, i.e. products with special dimensions or special functions, as well as trays and vacuum formed component holders are also listed clearly as a source of ideas.

Based on various technical plastic parts, a separate chapter demonstrates that Utz - in addition to logistics products - is able to manufacture highly sophisticated technical injection-moulding parts for the most varied of application purposes.

The new Utz catalogue is initially available in Switzerland and Germany. Other subsidiaries (France, UK, Poland, USA and China) are currently working on a new edition which will be presented during the next few months.