Content - New industrial pallet UPAL-I from Utz

  • 12 August 2014

New industrial pallet UPAL-I from Utz

Requirements to a newly constructed, universally applied plastic pallet are very complex. As a transport device, it should be as light as possible but still robust. If required, it should also be usable in high-bay warehouses and highly resilient. Furthermore, it should be easy to clean, depending on the area of use. A preferably low purchasing price with the longest possible service life goes without saying.

New industrial pallet UPAL-I from Utz

At their trade fair stand during the Pack & Move in Basel, Utz Switzerland revealed the new industrial pallet UPAL-I in a world premiere. The UPAL-I, newly constructed from scratch, is specially designed for use on automated systems and does not required any additional, expensive slave pallets for safe transportation on roller tracks. With its basic dimensions of 1200x800x150 mm, the pallet complies with the wooden Euro pallet but is only half as heavy with a weight of only 11 kg (basic version). It is also the lightest Euro pallet in the Utz range.

The sophisticated construction of the new UPAL-I promises a long service life as a reusable pallet and, together with its favourable price, reduces total cost of ownership. Thanks to an optimised design and the use of first-class material, the pallet is easy to clean. The available material includes the UIC® recycling material (Utz Industrial Compound), electrically conductive material and FDA-approved material (FDA = Food and Drug Administration).

The UPAL-I is characterised by an almost ingenious variability. There are two basic variations: the version with a circumferential safety rim and the version with a smooth upper deck. The safety rim in the former is external so that the available pallet area also equals the 1200x800 mm dimension. This arrangement ensures optimum safety, especially during the transport and storage of cardboard boxes. To prevent slipping of the transport goods, the pallet can be equipped with up to 12 rubber studs. Should these become completely worn, they are easily replaced. To prevent the pallet from slipping on the forklift, the pallet base can also be equipped with rubber studs.

For use in high-bay warehouses and its associated required, higher resilience, the pallet can also be optionally fortified with steel profiles. This allows the insertion of three profiles for the longitudinal side and/or two profiles for the short side. The pallet can therefore be stored in the bay either via the longitudinal or short side and loaded with a load distribution of up to 1,250 kg.

All sides feature available fields for the attachment of the company logo, printed lettering or tool inserts. If required, an RFID transponder can also be installed at a secure point.