Content - Utz Poland is planning a second production hall and warehouse

  • 23 July 2014

Utz Poland is planning a second production hall and warehouse

In 1997, Georg Utz AG Holding expanded East from Switzerland and founded the sixth subsidiary in Katy Wroclawskie, Poland. Now, almost 20 years later, Georg Utz Sp.z.o.o is planning to double its warehouse and production area and the acquisition of additional injection-moulding and thermoforming machines.

Utz Poland is planning a second production hall and warehouse

The projecting process was started a few days ago. The objective is to have all formalities completed by the end of 2014 so that the construction permit can be addressed. Then, from Spring to the end of 2015, a second production hall and warehouse is to be constructed on an area of 4000m2 which doubles the size of local production to 8000 m2. This enables Utz Poland to satisfy the growing demand for containers, pallets, paloxes, transport dollies, component holders and other reusable plastic products.

The vacuum forming and assembly departments for product enhancement will be housed in the new hall, while the injection-moulding machines and tool conversion will remain in the present hall. During the same phase, the vacuum forming machine park will be expanded from seven to eight machines. The acquisition of a new 1,600 to machine is also planned for the injection-moulding department.

This extension of the building also provides Utz with the option of setting up a workshop for vacuum forming tool construction and a mill for UIC®. UIC® means “Utz Industrial Compound” and denotes the return and recycling of used internal plastic products. In comparison to new product processing, CO2 emission during the use of secondary plastics is reduced by more than 40%. This is due to the elimination of CO2 development during the production of preliminary products consisting of gas or oil, as well as downstream, energy-intense processing into plastics granulate. The use of secondary plastics such as UIC® is therefore ecologically expedient.