Content - Utz Germany: Now we are applying for applicants

  • 11 June 2014

Utz Germany: Now we are applying for applicants

The Schüttorf plastics processing company Georg Utz GmbH is treading new paths on its search for skilled professionals and trainees. Utz introduces its operation and professional perspectives on the Internet and advertises with the slogan "Becomes one of us at Utz".

Utz Germany: Now we are applying for applicants

Text and image: Grafschafter Nachrichten

The idea behind the new employer video by Utz is to gain more skilled professionals with the greatest possible transparency. The expression "shortage of skilled professionals" is not only discussed everywhere but has also become an issue in numerous companies within the region. Open positions can only be filled with difficulty or not at all. Particularly for small and medium-sized companies, this designates the big challenge of finding and keeping qualified personnel in order to maintain competitiveness.

The Schüttorf company Georg Utz GmbH therefore went on the offensive by developing its own employer brand. Its Management decided to take this route more than two years ago. Numerous steps followed, including an employee survey, because an employer brand is only credible when it is authentic.

"We called in external support, which managed and controlled this process with expert knowledge and a view from the outside", says Ralf Boomhuis, Administrative Manager at Utz Germany. "With our employee brand under the slogan 'Become ONE of us at Utz', we are now applying for applicants", adds Personnel Manager Hanno Poppenborg.

In order to enable applicants a glance at the company, the new employer video can now be seen on the Internet. With statements from employees and takes of their workstations, interested parties can now get an idea of their new potential employer. "An employer brand must be able to convey what a company can offer its employees, whereby transparency is of the ultimate importance. This video will contribute to finding the right employees for Utz. Because I am sure that those who feel addressed will apply", says the Personnel Manager.

It took an external film team four working days until all desired video takes of work stations and work procedures had been completed. Among others, a drone was used to enable filming from a bird's-eye perspectives for outdoor shots.

"An exciting time, which required a lot of organisation", remembers Poppenborg, because the work processes had to continue, safety regulations had to be maintained and a change in shift had to be considered. "Our employees greatly supported us during filming. Everything went smoothly", says the Personnel Manager in conclusion.

The film can now be viewed online under