Content - A Safe Cycle with Turbine Blades

  • 20 February 2014

A Safe Cycle with Turbine Blades

Alstom has an extensive turbine portfolio for the most varied requirements of its customers on a world-wide scale. Among others, products include turbine blades for gas power plants. Up until two years ago, these were exclusively shipped in wooden crates, with tremendous disadvantages. Together with Alstom, Utz Switzerland has developed a suitable yet environmentally compatible packaging system.

A Safe Cycle with Turbine Blades

Depending on the size of the turbine blades, the formerly applied wooden crates had different dimensions, which made uniform storage almost impossible. Outside storage also damaged these crates very quickly and they looked rotten after a short period of time. Wooden splinters caused frequent injuries to employees during warehouse handling. Utz decided to take up the challenge.

Of course the clever and sustainable solution consists of plastic and is called KLAPA. The collapsible pallet box developed some ten years ago has since successfully proven its worth on international markets as a practical transport and storage container. The easily operated collapsing mechanism not only assists during loading and unloading of goods, but also saves up to 70 % in volume during empty transport. However, a standard solution was out of the question - KLAPA was expanded by vacuum formed base plates, injection-moulded dividers, a special frame as well as by a lid.

Around 2,800 pallet boxes have been delivered so far, with the last 400 in January 2014. The containers are manufactured by Utz Germany in Schüttorf, the separators by Utz Switzerland in Bremgarten. The reusable solution is convincing with regard to load capacity, handling, aesthetics and the environment. With its new packaging and transport system, Alstom was able to mostly eliminate its former problems while emphasizing reusability.