Content - RAKO container program expanded

  • 21 October 2013

RAKO container program expanded

RAKO containers by Utz have been around for almost 50 years. An initially modest container family, which in those days began to replace heavy metal containers in the industry, has grown into one of the most extensive and successful container systems worldwide. No less than six basic dimensions - from 200x150 mm to 800x600 mm - and 16 different heights from 65 to 544 mm are available today.

RAKO container program expanded

The enormous variety of containers is continued in the ten base variations and various sidewall and handle variations. Numerous container sizes are also available in the suitcase version. The simple but very robust basic design of the RAKO has not changed over five decades and still has a timelessly modern effect today, which is another success factor for the container produced in its millions.

Utz has now extended the RAKO range by a small container measuring 300x200x65 mm (article no. 3-217Z-0). The container is particularly suitable for use in small parts warehouses, Paternoster cabinets and for small-parts consignment. Five different lid variations can be additionally ordered.