Content - Utz wins the German Packaging Award for UMPD Powertrain

  • 02 October 2013

Utz wins the German Packaging Award for UMPD Powertrain

Safely packing engine blocks and cylinder heads or crankshafts for transport and delivering to the assembly belt is challenging. A solution developed by Utz and Opel has now been awarded with the German Packaging Award at the FachPack trade fair.

Utz wins the German Packaging Prize for UMPD Powertrain

After all, these components transported on the work piece carrier have been manufactured with the greatest precision and must be moved safely to assembly without being damaged. Previously, and depending on their type, these parts were stored and transported in many varying packaging materials. Successful planning and coordination between Opel Rüsselsheim and the container manufacturer Utz from Schüttorf resulted in the development of a universal work piece carrier, which is able to safely incorporate components of various sizes on the same charge carrier via locking-device components. This reduces the large number of individual packaging, which also results in ecological but also economical advantages.

This charge carrier, the UMPD Powertrain, which stands on a plastic ISO pallet, is able to carry up to three engine blocks, cylinder heads or up to six crankshafts, depending on size, which can be fixated with the use of simple plug elements. Held by plastic supports, further work piece carriers can be placed on top and loaded with components. Depending on packaging density, this permits easy packaging and transportation of between 12 and 48 parts on the universal plastic charge carrier.

Erik Niedermeier, responsible for Transport Packaging at Adam Opel AG, ascertains: “The retrofitting options of the UMPD Powertrain from Utz signify the substantial standardisation of packaging and of course the short-term amortisation of procurement costs.”

Guido Roelofs, responsible for the project at Utz: “Once the final charge carrier is completed, everything looks quite simple and no-one remembers the numerous solution approaches we discarded in order to arrive at the simplest and most functional solution possible The Packaging Award is the recognition for team work rendered by all participants at Opel and Utz!”