Content - Utz Switzerland has a World Champion!

  • 10 July 2013

Utz Switzerland has a World Champion!

Switzerland was able to defend its Vice-Champion title at the WorldSkills (World Championship in Vocational Training) in Leipzig. Thanks to nine gold, three silver, five bronze as well as 18 diplomas, the Swiss were able to establish themselves as the second-best vocational training nation in the world behind South Korea. Our design engineer Thomas Etterlin was there, right in the middle, not merely on the sidelines: Apart from being the Swiss Champion he can now also call himself a World Champion!

Thomas Etterlin, our World Champion

The road to this achievement was however long and rocky, with three obstacles to be overcome by Thomas Etterlin. Georg Utz AG in Bremgarten had registered its protégé for the national championships in November 2011. Several projects for a classification test had to be compiled and submitted only five months later. This obstacle was mastered successfully - the next goal was the Swiss Vocational Championships in Bellinzona, which took place at the end of May 2012.

Thomas Etterlin’s work during the three-day event was very convincing, and he returned to Bremgarten as the Swiss champion. Two months later, together with two other candidates, he was able to attend the WC finals in Bern, where he qualified for Leipzig 2013. As a reward and for motivation purposes, Swissmem invited our design engineer and his companions to the YPP (Young People Program) during the last autumn, which led him on a student trip to Japan. The Swiss WC drivers were then prepared for their approaching tasks in the form of intense public tests and several team weekends, whereby the candidates were supported by several coaches.

Thanks to his fantastic performance at the World Championships (3 to 6 July 2013), Thomas Etterlin was able to accept the gold medal during the awards ceremony on Sunday, 7 July 2013. Georg Utz AG is incredibly proud of being able to claim a World Champion amongst its ranks and would like to wholeheartedly congratulate Thomas Etterlin on his triumph!