Content - Longevity - impressively proven

  • 03 June 2013

Longevity - impressively proven

For more than 40 years, Utz in Germany has been distributing plastic containers which basically last an entire lifetime.The company now put this statement to the test by starting a competition to look for the oldest container of the RAKO product group.The impressive result:The winner has already been in use since 1971.

Longevity - impressively proven

"Our customers continue to confirm that the RAKO containers are literally indestructible", says Jan Sünneker, Head of Sales at the Georg Utz GmbH. "This in turn means that many oldies are still being used - but where, how old and how many? This is precisely what we wanted to know." No sooner said than done: The company mailed all customers during the spring to ask for photos of their oldest RAKO box. The manufacturing label attached to every container served as proof of age. The participating customers were numerous, and indeed: The oldest specimen has been in use since 1971 and therefore since the launch of the Swiss Utz Group’s German subsidiary. To further RAKO boxes have been in use since 1972. Most of the submitted recyclable containers originated in the 1980s and 1990s, which still makes them 20 to 30 years old.

"Our winners are a fabulous 42 years old and still fit. This impressively proves the sustainability of recyclable containers while simultaneously disproving the still predominant prejudice that plastic products are not particularly robust," says Sünneker. "Containers consisting of technically mature materials are able to withstand the hardships of industrial utilisation over several decades. Although the exterior appearance may suffer, their functionality remains intact." When handled appropriately, only dirt, especially oil and grease, is able to end the lifecycle of a plastic container. While the alternatives consisting of other materials will enlarge the rubbish dumps well in advance, plastic containers will continue being used for many years to come. The product group RAKO is however not only characterised by this high life expectancy, but by the entire range of the Utz Group - i.e. apart from storage and transport containers, this also includes pallets consisting of recyclable plastic.

By the way: If they really do need to be replaced, the recyclable Utz containers can be recycled in the company owned recycling centre and utilised for the production of new boxes. The winners of the competition however are still a long way away from that. Utz rewarded the three owners of the oldest RAKO plastic containers with an IPad, an IPod and a digital camera. All other participants were thanked for their participation in the form of a recyclable RAKO container of their choice.