Content - New plastic picking bin

  • 22 February 2013

New plastic picking bin

Utz introduced a new plastic picking bin in the classical KLT design at the LogiMAT 2013. The container is a clever solution for an ever recurring issue in the use of stacked containers.

New plastic picking bin

Stacked containers

How does one actually access the contents of a special container which is located in between other stacked boxes? In a worst-case scenario, all the containers above the required box need to be removed, perhaps only to discover that the container is empty or devoid of the required content.

One alternative is to remove at least one part of a short side, which at least enables the determination of whether the container is not empty or what it contains, and also enables a certain degree of access to the contents without having to remove all the containers stacked above. However - a box with only partially closed short side cannot be filled to full capacity, simply because small parts would fall out during transport. A familiar example of this solution is the plastic picking bin SILAFIX, used million-fold in workshops and production areas for the storage of screws, nuts and washers.

Modified RL-KLT

In retrospect, the solution on which the expert at Utz have agreed is as creative as it is simple: An insertable plate was installed on one of the short sides of a VDA RL-KLT, which can be lowered or raised to close if required. Small parts would of course also fall from the open flap out of containers filled to the brim, but the container is secured for transport. As a modified KLT it is also suitable for conveyors, which only applies to the SILAFIX to a certain degree.

At the LogiMAT, Utz introduced two versions of the new plastic picking bin, which have already been practically tested with excellent results: 300 x 200 x 147 mm (similar to the RL-KLT 3147) and 400 x 300 x 147 mm (similar to the RL-KLT 4147). Both containers are equipped with a smooth base. Optionally, water drainage holes can also be inserted into the base, so that the water used to extinguish any fire can drain off easily and reduce the risk of fire.

The insertable sliding plate is equipped with a standardised studded surface to facilitate the attachment of stickers and barcodes for labelling the container. A particular advantage - the studded surface allows easy removal of the stickers. Small cause, great effect: Extremely adhesive labels are always removed in parts only, which - after a few repeat performances - often results in the disposal of the container itself.

Clever idea, also perfect for other customers

The idea to attach an insertable plate onto the short side of a container can of course also be transferred to other containers. First variants are already in use, predominantly from the product series EUROTEC, special containers for automatic handling. The sliding plate, which can be opened while the container is stacked, enables picking of various products from several container stacks, whereby it is certainly feasible to use these boxes as display containers at the POS.