Content - New plastic pallet UPAL-A in the USA

  • 31 January 2013

New plastic pallet UPAL-A in the USA

Georg Utz, Inc. (USA) has expanded its product line to include a 48 x 40 in. specially designed pallet for automated systems. The new plastic pallet UPAL-A is available in 3 and 6 runner design. It has a special design under surface for optimal performance on conveyors and roller wheel conveyance.

New plastic pallet UPAL-A

The highly durable 2 piece snap together design, delivers a consistent performance during the life cycle. The reinforced and non-reinforced options enable optimal load distribution and capacity ratings. Reinforced versions allow for use in automated storage and retrieval systems without the need for expensive slave pallets or pallet support boards.

Other features of the pallet include: a smooth solid deck available with and without safety edges, ergonomic handle design, anti-slip grommets, and fields for hot stamping, labels, label placards and mold-in logos. The pallet is compatible with Utz straight wall and space-saving containers and has a hygienic design that allows for easy cleaning.

All these features make this new product offered by Utz an excellent choice for companies that are looking to reduce their costs and improve return on investments for automation systems.