Content - Another SWISS STAR Award

  • 24 October 2012

Another SWISS STAR Award

We still have fond memories of when the Glas Manager was awarded a SWISS STAR Packaging Prize in 2010. And now Georg Utz AG is able to add another one of these "eggs" to their collection. On Friday 19 October, Georg Loertscher (Sales Manager Customer Parts) and Herbert Wolf were able to accept the trophy as representatives of our customer, Julius Blum GmbH in Höchst, Austria, on the occasion of the award which took place in the St. Jakob-Park stadium in Basle.


The new reusable containers ECO Box and the limited length replace previously used carton packaging with carton filling material. What’s new is that all profile lengths are transported with only two container dimensions (800x400x135 mm and 800x400x260 mm). Other dimensions can be manufactured by butt-welding two container halves. Depending on their net weight, the containers are implemented with a double base. The drop handles simplify manual handling and are lowered when the containers are stacked. The carton filling material is replaced by the newly developed length limiter. Thanks to uniform container width (400 mm) the inserts are compatible with all containers. Depending on the length of the profiles, two limiting elements are placed behind one another or above one another in high containers.

After several trials a hybrid solution consisting of metal-plastic composites was selected for stability purposes. The two vertical plastic panels are connected by two diagonally crossed serrated profile and can be pulled apart easily and safely. The locking cams engage when the desired length is reached. When pushed together, the plastic knobs lift up. The internal steel spring releases the lock and the panels are telescoped. The infinitely variable length limitation ensures that the lacquered metal profiles in the container remain slip-resistant.

The jury commented as follows: "The jury awards this solution because of its high degree of functionality and sustainability. The elaborate construction is required to ensure secure fixation of the various profiles. This solution requires two container sizes only. Reusable carton boxes were previously used with carton filling material. This solution also takes sustainability into account."