Content - UPAL-U - New high rack-compatible Euro pallet made of plastic

  • 28 October 2010

UPAL-U - New high rack-compatible Euro pallet made of plastic

Those quickly making a rough calculation only, whether Euro pallets of wood or plastic are cheaper, will surely decide in favour of the wooden pallet. Basically, this calculation is supposedly right, but in the rarest of cases, the lifecycle costs were included into the considerations. Since, depending on the type and purpose of use, the cheaper wooden pallets cause additional costs very quickly, which exceed the higher acquisition costs of reusable pallets made of plastic by far.

Universal pallet UPAL-U

Due to material and design, wooden pallets have some major disadvantages. Wear on roller conveyors, chain conveyors or in high rack facilities result in high contamination and, in the worst case, plant standstills. Partial breaks of boards or protruding connecting elements damage the loaded goods and thus cause high costs. Furthermore, wooden pallets are known to be highly prone to mould-affection and/or bacterial contamination and wood-pest infestation. The formation of rust at the connecting elements results in loss of quality, contamination of the loaded goods and, in the worst case, in pallets breaking into pieces. At companies working according to HACCP concepts, applying GMP guidelines or following other directives concerning food hygiene, the use is not very reasonable for the reasons stated.

With the new universal pallet UPAL-U, Georg Utz AG launches a plastic pallet, which sets new standards as an alternative to the wooden Euro pallet. It is available without reinforcement or optionally equipped with two to six steel tubes. In the unreinforced version, the robust pallet only weighs 14 kg and is thus clearly lighter compared to the wooden pallet, which depending on the moisture content weighs 20 to 25 kg. Thus, transport costs are saved, manual handling is facilitated, and the pallet’s payload increased. In the version reinforced with four tubes, the UPAL-U can be used in high rack storage and may be loaded with up to 1300 kg without any reservations.

Thanks to the sophisticated design of the UPAL-U in the runner area, it provides extremely high running smoothness on roller conveyors and chain conveyors. The runners have sliding ribs, which highly reduce the plastic wear at the base, should a heavily loaded pallet be pushed with the lift truck in an improper manner. Using polypropylene, a comparatively good slip resistance of containers on the pallet or of pallets stacked on top of one another is achieved. Thus, additional slip-resistant measures like special coatings, insertion of anti-slip strips, etc. are only necessary in special cases.

Manual handling has been considered at Georg Utz AG, too. In the centre of the upper deck, two ergonomically shaped handles are attached on request, which clearly facilitate this type of handling, too, above all in combination with the low weight. With regards to height and insertion width on the short side, this latest plastic Euro pallet with the dimensions 1200x800x148 mm has exactly the dimensions of the wooden pallet. Thus, it can be taken over into existing handling processes without adjustments at conveying plants. In order to additionally increase the additional benefit of the UPAL-U, the reusable pallets may be equipped with RFID transponder or barcode labels during production already.

The UPAL-U is available on stock in the following variants: in the unreinforced and reinforced versions (with four longitudinal internal steel tubes), respectively with an EHI-compatible safety rim and the two ergonomic reach-throughs mentioned, colour light grey.

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