Content - Glas Manager - latest novelty for the innovative caterer

  • 25 November 2009

Glas Manager - latest novelty for the innovative caterer

The catering sector knows some solutions to store, transport and wash glasses. However, there has not been a Glas Manager to date which – fitted into a RAKO container – greatly facilitates the handling of glasses.

Glas Manager

Setting and clearing tables, washing and storing the number of glasses required for a banquet takes up an enormous amount of valuable time. Particularly time consuming is the washing of dirty glasses, especially if all those glasses need to be taken out of the transport packaging and be put into the dishwasher. Would it not be better to simply put the entire glass boxes safely in an already existing container system to transport them safely and protected them from dust?

The Glas Manager offers exactly this solution and is the latest patent-pending innovation from Utz. The idea is based on a glass separation system which can individually and at any time be adjusted to the height of the glasses thanks to a simple-to-be-used adjustment mechanism. Four different compartment sizes are available for the most common glass diameters.

The Glas Managers are stackable. While many other glass containers are stackable too, the Glas Managers also fit safely and correctly in RAKO containers with a surface area of 600 x 400 mm. This ensures an absolutely dust-free packaging of all glasses which are perfectly protected by the RAKO container during transportation and storage. RAKOs are already successfully in use by numerous caterers who gained good experience with those containers over many years. Now, the Glas Manager is able to significantly increase the benefit of this existing container system.

The Glas Manager’s functionality is simple: the compartments are first adjusted to an appropriate height for the glasses using the grid mechanism at the four columns and are then filled with the glasses. Full Glas Managers are put in a suitable RAKO container which protects the valuable contents. These glass containers might then be stacked with other RAKO containers holding china, cutlery and cooking equipment, and are completely protected against slipping during transportation.

The Glas Manager does, of course, not spare you from setting and clearing the tables. However, the containers can be put on suitable rollers from Utz which help to move them easily from table to table. The Glas Manager (not including the containers) can also be used in shelve trucks conforming to Gastronorm (catering standard).

The decisive advantage comes to the fore when dirty glasses need to be cleaned: the full glass separating system is taken out of the container and put directly in the dishwasher. The Glas Managers are made of polypropylene which is dishwasher-safe and absolutely phosphorous- and chlorine-resistant. Temperatures of up to 65°C and, for a short period of time, 90°C are no problem for plastic compounds. After washing and drying, Glass Managers are directly put back in the container where the glasses wait for their next appearance.

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