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Today it is fashionable to stress how much attention is paid to environmental concerns in all the operating procedures of a company. This starts with the proper separation of waste material and goes on to taking back and recycling its products.

We too would of course like to tell you about our awareness of environmental issues. But judge for yourself whether we are just riding a fashionable bandwagon or are taking the subject of Utz and the environment seriously.

The basic concept behind our activity is the multiple-use cycle. That was already true when environmental protection was still a subject which merely raised a smile on all sides: with the manufacture of the first container, the intention was to offer the customer packaging which did not merely serve to increase the size of the rubbish heap after it had been used once. Therefore the multiple-use cycle was the basic idea behind all subsequent product innovations of Utz.

From these beginnings, multiple-use has become a way of life at Utz. The cooling water needed for the injection moulding machines circulates in a closed system and is used to heat our administrative and production buildings so that no energy is lost. This energy cycle is based on the concept of reuse, in the sense of multiple use to relieve the burden on the environment.

We are committed to taking back our products after the end of their working life. That is to say, these reusable containers have to be fed back for reuse of the material. For Utz, that means specifically that the plastic products are ground up and the granules obtained in this way are used for manufacturing new products. Multiple-use in its purest form.

Should we also point out that at Utz used plastic bottle tops have been recycled since as long ago as 1977, in a process which we developed ourselves? Does it not go without saying that the dyes we use are free from cadmium and other heavy metals?

Have we been able to satisfy you that we take this subject seriously, and consistently put into practice what we believe to be the right answers?
Utz and the environment.