Content - Ecology and sustainability

Ecology and sustainability

Our ecological actions

Georg Utz AG has been producing and acting on an environmentally compatible basis for decades. We avoid emission and reduce waste wherever possible. We have been operating our own recycling plant since 1974, with a recycling capacity of five tonnes per hour.

Ecology and sustainability

We were able to increase the volume of applied recycling material from 1,000 tonnes in 2002 to more than 2,000 in 2010. In comparison to processed new material, the proportion of recycling material is more than 20% in injection-moulding and more than 50% in vacuum forming.

Thanks to the material’s excellent recycling properties, it can be reused several times with any loss in quality.

Georg Utz AG guarantees its customers the return and utilisation of products after their respective lifecycle.

We have been using exhaust heat from injection moulding machinery and tools for heating the company buildings since 1989. Thanks to the renewed heat-recovery system we are able to reduce heating oil consumption by 80% and therefore save 160,000 litres per year. This reduces CO2 emission by 427 tonnes per year. A forest area spanning the size of eight soccer fields would need to be planted to compensate this volume.

We require around 12,000,000 kwh of power for production in Switzerland. In 2011 we decided, despite considerable additional costs, to obtain certified power only and exclusively from Swiss hydropower plants and therefore from CO2 neutral sources.

We already discontinued the use of materials or additives containing heavy metals for our products in 1987. Products used in the food industry are always manufactured from FDA/AG certified materials.

The production at Utz runs on electrical current generated from local hydropower

Our economic conviction

We generate profitable and sustainable growth. We use the appropriate operating profit to secure equity for investments in production plants located in Switzerland. The Group’s long-term success is the central focus of all endeavours.

Our social values

More than 90% of our employees live in the Bremgarten region. Occupational safety, health protection and the concerns of our employees are important to us and are taken very seriously. Georg Utz AG has set itself the objective that the proportion of trainees is at least 10% of the entire staff.

We support our employees in continuous training in order to maintain and further develop our lead in knowledge. Our employees participate in the success of Georg Utz AG via a bonus system.

Our sponsoring encompasses the support of young people in sports as well as varied activities of public life in our region.